Auditions!  Ready, Set, Go!

General information:  


Auditions will consist of three parts.  First, you will sing scale exercises up and down to show your tone quality and range.  Second, you will sing the melody to O Canada in either the key of F (higher) or C(lower).  Then you will sing a song of your choice.  You don't need to do the whole song, just your favorite part.  You may sing a capella or to an accompaniment.  For in person auditions, bring a piece of music for the pianist to play.  




1. If you would like to audition in person, you will need to contact us via email at to schedule a place and time.  We will accept auditions up to June 14, 2018.


2. Online auditions are available.  You will do the same audition at home via webcam. You will upload your video to your youtube account.  Then email us the link so that we can evaluate your performance.  If you use some sort of accompaniment, make sure it does not overpower your voice.  Use imovie or windows movie maker, or some other software to have your webcam capture your singing while you listen to the piano and watch the conductor in our videos linked below.  We can't wait to see your videos.

Audition video for lower voices, alto and bass, with O Canada in the key of C

Audition video for higher voices, soprano and tenor, with O Canada in the key of F.

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